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Transportation of Machinery and Other Goods in Montreal

Are you looking for a reliable transportation service for your electronic and technological equipment or other factory machinery? Do you need an experienced service for transporting your building materials? Remorquage Urgence 24h offers a professional and high-quality service for transportation of machinery in Montreal for concerned customers who need to quickly and safely move a variety of goods to a new location. We are a team of qualified technicians who stay abreast of all regulations, standards and advances in transportation techniques. Contact us today for customized solutions available 365 days a year, 24/7.

Nothing Less Than the Best Possible Transportation for Your Heavy Machinery and Goods

We offer you everything you need to be reassured that your machinery, goods, equipment and works of art are in safe hands during transportation. Our service is reliable, efficient and always on time, from start to finish.

Opt for our expertise to get responsible transportation services for your:

Injection molding machines

Stamping presses

Flight simulators

Sculptures and works of art

Sensitive semiconductor materials


Any type of machine is in safe hands when you choose our professional transportation services. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Move Your Heavy Machinery with Our Help

We will transport your goods in complete safety and with utmost care.

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